Outlook 2007 Repair Tool vs Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool .

Ms Outlook is a popular email client application ,developed by Microsoft . Several version of outlook are available like MS Outlook 97, MS Outlook 2000, Ms Outlook 2002 , Ms Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007 and Ms Outlook 2010 for the windows Operating System .but all versions are different in features. Sometimes you may have to face problem because of PST file corruptions corruption is very common problem for all which happens because of many reasons. In this situation your application becomes completely unresponsive and you have to face very severe trouble.

Microsoft outlook PST corruption reasons:

  • virus Infection.
  • Corruption in Header Part of PST files.
  • Software Malfunctioning.
  • Power Surge.
  • PST size Exceeds more than 2GB.

Corruption in PST file make the application completely unusable and you fails to access saved files. When attempting to open application, you will get several error messages and you can't access your mails and other information. There is a inbuilt tool included with the Application called Microsoft Inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe however this tool has certain limitation and will repair damaged PST file only in the situation of minor problem or . In event of serious data loss situation ,So for the safe recovery it would be better if you take help of third party PST repair tool instead of Outlook inbuilt tool .

Difference between outlook 2007 repair tool vs Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool :

  1. Inbox repair tool repairs PST in case of minor or only header part problem but PST repair tool repairs PST file in event of serious data loss situation .
  2. Inbox repair tool repairs PST file size under 2GB but PST repair tool can recover the PST file more than 2 GB.
  3. Inbox repair tool can't retrieves data from password-protected PST files but PST repair tool can do it.
  4. Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool recovers partially data which accidentally deleted as well as permanently deleted Ms outlook item but PST repair tool successfully recovers this types of data.

outlook 2007 repair tool is a very powerful solution for PST mailbox recovery, which even solve the outlook corruption problem of very high severity. you must use this tool for recovery of PST files..