Fix Error 0x80190194 Outlook 2007 easily

MS Outlook 2007 is a personal information manager from Microsoft which keeps your email , contacts, address, attachments, drafts, notes, journals, tasks and other information. But sometimes this software disturbed due to problem in PST and some other problem it appears messages like Error 0x80190194 and some other error .

Outlook2007 Error 0x80190194 appears when you are trying to download a web distribution only enable offline address book and in case of update OAB(Offline Address book). This error and many errors may be occur due to PST file is corrupted or damaged. In this case you have to enable the web distribution of the OAB( Offline Address Book) and try to download the Offline address book .

If the OAB file are missing and you will need to find out why the FDS service is not replicating them then :

1.Run 'net stop MSExchangeFDS' and then 'net start MSExchangeFDS' to restart the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution Service on your (All in one Exchange Server ) or on your client Access Server.

2.Check the 1008 event id after the services are restarted.

To fix the FDS replication : can go your mailbox server (OAB Generation Server ) and go to one of the following locations:

  • Local directory-c:\Program File \Microsoft\ExchangeOAB
  • Unc path-\\ExchangeServerName\OAB\

2.Copy the OAB directories that are needed for your clients over to the client access server location:

  • c:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Client access\OAB\

once the files have been replicated to this directory the outlook client will be able to download them and you will not receive the error.

Sometimes due to damage in PST file, Outlook2007 Error 0x80190194 appears on the screen in this case at first you should use inbuilt inbox repair tool .But inbuilt inbox repair tool works in case of PST header file corruption only and fails resolving corruption issues .so if your problem has not solved yet through the above process then go for PST repair tool which and also fix the error 0x80190194 Outlook2007 . Using this software you will get your lost and damaged data again .